Turn Customer Conflict into Positive Change – LotCon

Customer experience is by far one of the most telling metrics regarding whether or not a customer will return or not. Return customers are important because it costs less to keep a customer than it does to find another one. That’s why you want to create a series of products and services for your customers that keeps them in your product funnel.


But, you can actually have the best products or services in the world and still lose out on repeat customers and new referrals due to poor customer experiences. If a customer comes out of a purchase feeling cheated, or ignored or not happy, they’re not going to buy again – nor will they tell their friends anything positive. Some studies have shown that it takes something like twelve positives experiences to make up for one negative one.
Therefore, job one for your business is to generate loyal, happy customers. These customers will not just buy your products or use your services again and again; they’ll become raving fans that will recommend you freely and loudly to others who will end up doing the same thing. Having loyal, happy customers is the best marketing your money and time can buy.


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