How To Lose Cellulite

 How To Lose Cellulite – Facts That Can Help

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Got the cellulite blues? Well, almost every woman, no matter their size or weight does too. And men are not immune to the condition either.the blues

Many folks simply accept the fact, at least knowing that the paparazzi aren’t hiding in the vines to snap pictures of them in a bikini any time soon.

How to lose cellulite is another thing entirely. It begins by understanding exactly what the condition entails and what your options for dealing with it are.

How Cellulite Is Kinda Like the Sofa You Own

Cellulite is kinda like your upholstery, states Boston dermatologist Molly A. Wanner, MD.

Envision pillowy fat affixed to the skin by bands known as septae.

In women, the septae pulls down like a button on a cushion, making dimples. Men’s septae on the other hand pull down at an angle, veiling them. Men also have thicker skin than their women counterpart, assisting to cloak their cellulite.Bodishape 3 Cellulite

“There’s no cure,” says Neil Sadick, MD, a Manhattan dermatologist who recently reviewed the science behind some of the most popular treatments. “But there are definitely new things out there that can help.”

Weight Loss

Gaining pounds can certainly increase your cellulite by making your fat cells larger. More fat beneath the skin will cause to make your legs appear lumpier.

ScaleLosing pounds will decrease the appearance of cellulite, particularly in women who have excess weight to lose.

“If you have less fat, you’re going to have less cellulite, potentially,” Wanner says.

Losing pounds isn’t the right avenue to take for everyone, though. For women who are already at the proper weight, losing additional pounds can in all likelihood loosen their skin, making the condition much more noticeable.


Caffeine and retinol are two ingredients in creams that aim to reduce cellulite.

In test tubes, caffeine and related ingredients shrink fat cells, according to recent research reviews.

Retinol helps stimulate collagen production in the skin, making it thicker and more elastic. Thicker skin helps make cellulite less noticeable.

In one study, a cream containing .03% retinol improved cellulite when used for at least three months. The study found it increased skin thickness by an average of 2 millimeters on a treated leg compared to the skin on an untreated leg.

The cellulite cream that gets our recommendation contains the highest amount of these two ingredients – caffeine and retinol – of any product on the market.bodishape creme

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