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Key Ingredients You Should Look For In A Firming Lotion

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Lax or drooping skin in the lower body areas is often a result of losing weight rapidly however, too much sun exposure, as well as aging certainly contributes to sagging skin as well. Following loss of weight, particularly if rapid, the elastin and collagen in the skin can give way leading to sagging. These essential skin fibers also give way in the aging process. Assorted creams and lotions, exercise regimens and other treatments can decrease drooping skin or somewhat aid in reducing its presence.Drooping Skin

A skin firming lotion can make your skin firmer, tighter, healthier and younger looking or do nothing but provide some moisturizing. Most lotions and creams don’t get it right.

If you are plain fed up with trying one firming lotion and then another and not seeing any benefit? Well, you are certainly not alone in your dissatisfaction.

Unfortunately, there are a number of skin care companies in the marketplace taking unfair liberties with consumers. Perhaps you have noticed what some companies are charging for brand name firming creams? And adding insult to injury, a majority of these products do not live up to their hype.Bodishape 7

Quality brand skin firming lotions must contain ingredients that are on the cutting edge of skin firming technology. Here are the essential ingredients that any firming lotion must contain if you want to see real results.

At the top of the list are caffeine and retinol.

Caffeine goes deep beneath the top layer of skin and shrinks the fat globules while retinol pulls the layer beneath the superficial skin taut giving a much more appealing appearance.

In addition look for two other primary ingredients – Glaucine and Coenzyme.

Glaucine is directly responsible for decreasing the appearance of ugly cellulite fat deposits while Coenzyme A promotes the internal combustion of fat to help get results faster.

The product that we endorse contains these four primary ingredients and that product is Bodishape’s Slimming Contour Cream for Firmer Skin and Cellulite Reduction.

Bodishape Cellilite Cream

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