Firming Cream

Firming Cream Tips That Work to Firm and Tighten Skin

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Almost without exception, when you buy a product claiming to tighten skin, its effects, if any, are due to ingredients such as film-forming agents. Just like the name states, film-forming agents form a film on the skin, and that can make the skin “feel” tighter.

 The effect is temporary and you won’t see noticeable lifting of sagging skin, but the sensation is often enough to convince women that the product is working. Skin “feeling” tighter is not the same as making a real change for the better in the tone or laxity of your skin.

 Using what really works will get you closer to the results you want!
  • Building more collagen is the key! Although collagen doesn’t help skin bounce back, it does help support skin so that sagging is less apparent. You can help skin make lots of collagen with skin-care products that contain  potent antioxidants and skin-repairing ingredients
  • SunscreenSunscreen rated SPF 15 or greater is non-negotiable! Because sun damage destroys elastin and collagen, daily sun protection is critical, but how many of us remember to apply sunscreen to our necks as well as to our faces each and every day?  Exactly. And that’s one main reason why many women’s necks look “older” than their faces. Learn why anti-aging skin care doesn’t stop at your face!
  • exfoliantDaily use of an exfoliant containing salicylic acid (BHA) orglycolic acid (AHA) can really help. Along with exfoliating for smoother skin, there is also a good amount of research showing these ingredients build more collagen and, to some extent, can help firm the skin. You don’t need to use both; one or the other is fine, or, if you like, you can alternate.
  • Vitamin A, also called retinol, applied topically can improve the shape of the elastin your skin still has; there is even a small amount of research showing it can build elastin. (It definitely can build more collagen.)
  • Bodishape 1 Caffeine1Caffeine, a vasoconstrictor and diuretic, makes skin look smoother by drying up fat cells and enlarging blood vessels.

Two of the ingredients in the “What Really Works” listing are Caffeine, a vasoconstrictor and diuretic, and retinol containing vitamin A,  two of the principle ingredients found in the product:

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